Procurement Department Department

The Department took off in late 2008. It has two Divisions – Recurrent and Capital. The functions of the department are derivable from the Public Procurement Act of 2007. The Department was established Vide Circular Reg. No. HCSF/PSO/155/1/3 from Office of Head of Service of the Federation dated 31st March, 2008.


Processing all Government expenditure in a manner to achieve value for money as prescribed by 2007 procurement act.


The Director oversees the day to day activities of the Department. He is supported by two Deputy Directors who heads the two divisions namely (the Capital and the Recurrent Units) an Assistant Director and some other staff of the Department.

The Procurement Department of this Ministry was a division until July 2009, when the Management directed that it should stand on its own as a Department. The Department took off with three (3) staff comprising of two (2) Deputy Directors and an Assistant Director.

In a short while, some executive Officers were redeployed to the Department. The Department was then headed by the Deputy Director Procurement until recently when a Director was posted and the Department has six (6) units, namely:-
The Ministerial Tenders Board (MTB) Procurement Planning Committee (PPC) Secretariat
Price Monitoring Unit (Market Survey)
Procurement Registry

The duties of the Department are as follows:

i. Award of contract following due process

ii. Conducting market survey of items before the award

iii. Record keeping of contract awarded

iv. Facilitates the payment of contracts

v. Monitoring the execution of ongoing contract
Serves as secretariat for Ministerial tender board (MTB) AND Procurement Planning Committee (PPC)


In accordance with the BPP Act 2007, the Agencies bring forward all the projects above the threshold of the Agency’s Tender Board to the Ministerial Procurement Planning Committee (PPC) and Ministerial Tenders Board (MTB) for approval. The thresholds of Agencies are as follows:

Less than - N50m for goods

Less than - N250 for works

Activities of the department since 2009 are summarized as follows:-
Issuing of store items, stocking and reviewing of procured goods.
Drawing up of procurement plan for the year 2009/2010.
Preparation and placement of advertisement on the Federal Tender journals, Newspapers, notice Board as the case may be.
Processing of prequalification submissions and financial tenders.
Covering PPC/MTB meetings, preparation of the minutes of Ministerial Tenders Board for the approval of the Honourable Minister.
Issuance of letters of Award to deserving companies.
Issuance of store items and restocking of store.
Maintenance of office building, Equipment and materials used in the offices
Maintaining the Ministry’s fleet of vehicles.