The Police Inspectorate Department is one of the Technical Departments of the ministry. The Department is headed into three Divisions each of which is headed by a Deputy Director. The Divisions are as follows:

  • Police Training & Training Institutions Division.
  • Police Performance Monitoring Division.
  • Police Community Relations Division


This Division evaluates monitors and reports on the state of equipment, accommodation, formulation of manpower development and training needs of the Nigeria Police Force. By so doing, it has under the Ministry’s policy directives liaised with the ‘’E’’ Department of the Nigeria Police Force and has organized specialized Training in such areas as anti-terrorism, basic intelligence, kidnapping/ hostage taken, insurgency etc.

The Ministry under the strategic leadership of Lt Gen (Rtd) Abdulrahman Bello Dambazau CFR, PhD also prepared periodic master plan for coordinated development of Police Training Institutions in terms of curriculum design, renewal, course and syllabi design, administration requirements and Police Schools’ Library issues. The Ministry also mandated the division to organize and carry out inspectorate duties in all the institutions towards maintenance of required academic standards and optimal utilization of training resources. Considering the mandate of the division, and articulated road map meant for the actualization of the activities/programmes was drawn during the 2016/2017 fiscal year and was executed.

Human Capacity Development

Police training and re-orientation under the Human Capacity Development of Police personnel has the main objective of broadening the knowledge and skills of policemen with a view to enhancing effective and efficient performance of their duties and service delivery to Nigerians.

Thus, within the period under review, the Ministry through this Division was able to successfully, amongst others:

  • Co-ordinate the distribution of procured Beddings, Essential working tools/ Office equipment for all thirty (30) Police Training Institutions spread across the length and breadth of the country.
  • Allow staff of the Division undertake on the- spot assessment of the new Police Training School located in Kaduna, Kaduna State. This is with the view to capturing and keeping a data base on the present status of the infrastructural facilities, as well as accessing the adequacy or other wise of funding for the projects albeit ensuring modernization and logistic requirements in the Institution,
  • Processing a number of correspondences emanating from local and international Organizations bordering on Training Capacity Building of the Nigeria Police Force, as well as other Security Agencies to the affiliations under the Ministry of Interior (i.e. Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps {NSCDC})


The Police Performance Monitoring Divisions in the Services Inspectorate Department which is in charge of the following responsibilities:

  • Monitoring the conduct and performance of Nigerian Police Personnel in conformity with the status and regulation of Government.
  • Receipt, investigation and making appropriate recommendations on complaints received from a Cross-Section of the Society on the Nigeria Police
  • Monitoring the Conduct and Performance of the Nigeria Police Personnel on election duties.
  • Regular visitation to Police Cells with a view to making recommendations for their decongestion as well as the welfare of the inmates
  • Liaison with the Nigeria Police, International Agencies, Non-Government Organizations etc. on matters of Police Performance and Conducts.
  • Organize retreats, seminars, workshops and similar programmes on tropical issues of interests to the Nigeria Police top functionaries.
  • Conducting Bi-annual Police- Public Perception Survey.
  • Design with the Nigeria Police, necessary strategies for enhancing the imagine and performance of the Nigeria Police.
  • Organize periodic Police Executive Forum.
  • Periodic Assessment of Police Barracks nationwide.


The Services Community Relations (SCR) is one of the three Divisions in the Services Inspectorate Department (SID). It handles policy matters and strategy for effective implementation of community Policy in Nigeria; coordinates the activities of Services Community Relations Communities/informal policing across the Country and Liaison with the Nigeria Police, International Agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations, etc on matters of community policing in Nigeria.

The Ministry through this Division was within the three years of President Muhammadu Buhari Administration was able to carry out internal and external police Accountability Programmes, Sensitization/Advocacy Workshops on Community and Neighborhood Watch Policy in each geo-political zones of the country starting with North East Zones and capacity building on community policing for Services Community Relations Committee (PCRC) nationwide.


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